At Starr Power Tongs, we believe there is a better way to sell power tongs: a more valuable, less persuasive way where customers are earned rather than bought.
We are obsessively passionate about power tongs, and our mission is to deliver the best value per tool to our customers. We focus on continual improvement in quality, engineering, safety, customer service, and deliverability.
Starr’s ownership has over 100 years’ experience owning a tubular running service (TRS) company. With that, you can expect that we understand your needs, as well as your expectations.
Starr delivers a comprehensive range of tongs for the most demanding onshore and offshore environments. Starr’s integral backup is an industry standard for reliable makeup and breakout of tubular connections. Starr’s cutting-edge designs, quality, and rugged durability has a reputation of a first-class product that ensures years of trouble-free service.

To add to this, we maintain a certification to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.
Equipment presently available.
5-1/2” Tong 25k ft-lbs Rating (@3000PSI)
6-1/4” Tong 30K ft-lbs Rating (@2500PSI)
8595 Tong 30K ft-lbs Rating (@2500PSI)
9-7/8” Tong 40K or 60K ft-lbs Rating (@2500PSI)
13-5/8” Tong 35K ft-lbs Rating (@3000PSI)
14” Tong 50K or 75K ft-lbs Rating (@2500PSI)