Manufacturing of tailor made steel Cupboards &Shelf for the last 50 years. Rexel has more than doubled its capacity and customer base in a short span of years. Rexel’s Infrastructure runs the applications that process transactions, delivers and handles the customer support center that help our executives and managers communicate centrally ensuring outstanding performance.


Rexel Industries was setup in 2004 as a Sheet Metal fabrication unit manufacturing the highest quality of Steel Furniture products. Situated in Dubai, pearl of the middle-east, the company has world class CNC machines/equipment and specialists to design, develop and manufacture products that meet customer requirements. We understand that some customers have typical requirements, and are open to working with their designs. Our design team is highly trained to work with computer aided tools, making even the most complex designs come to life. The core products of the company cater to two distinct market segments; Industrial storages & Office/Institutional storage solutions.