FMC Fluid Control the originators of the Chiksan® & the Weco Union®, remain the world’s leading supplier of flowline products to the oilfield industry.

  • Valves – FMC Technologies offers a vast array of valves to suit your needs; including Weco® plug valves, butterfly valves, and check valves for standard and sour service.
  • Throttle Valve – FMC Technologies’ Flowline Choke Throttle Valve is a new concept in choke valves.
  • Fittings- FMC Technologies offers a full line of forged fittings with Weco® wing union end connections for standard and sour gas service.
  • Swivels – Standard Swivels, Longsweep and TripleStep.
  • Wing Unions – Weco® wing unions are the most complete line of standard and sour gas pipe connectors available, Hammerless Unions- Eliminating the need for a sledgehammer, the hammerless union is the next generation of union products.
  • Fast Latch Coupler – The FMC Technologies’ Fast Latch Coupler (FLC) is a manually operated device that decreases the rig-up time and increases safety.
  • Loops and Hoses – Chiksan cementing and circulating hoses can handle a complete range of fluids at cold working pressures up to 20,000 psi.

Woodhouse International stocks FMC Fluid Control products at our Jafza facility, Covering:

  • Swivels, style 10 and style 50, H2S and standard service
  • Chiksan loops, 10foot, integral, H2S and standard service
  • Plug valves, 1” x 2” and 2” x 2”, H2S and standard service
  • Cementing & Circulating Hoses • Packing and repair kits for all the above
  • Hammer unions, from 2” -12”, all figures, H2S and standard service
  • Air-O unions, 2” – 12” including tubes
  • Butterfly valves w/ handles