GE Hydril – Blowout Preventers; Annulars GK, GL, GX/GXS, Annu-flex; Ram Blowout Preventers in Compact, Conventional, Quik-Loq; Ram Types: Ram Sizes & Styles: Blind Rams (CSO)- Complete Shut-off, Blind/Shear Rams, Pipe Rams, Tubing Rams, Casing Rams, Variable Rams (HVRs), Single Rams and Single Offset Rams, Dual Offset Rams for multiple completions. Diverters- Flow Selectors, FS, FSP, Gas Handler, MSP-2000, MSP 29-500, Riser Fill-Up Valve, Seal-All Diverter Insert. Pulsation Dampeners. Valves- Drill Stem Valves, Drop-In Check Valves, Choke Valves and Elastomers for expendables and metal parts for its products.

As the “Official” Channel Partner & Middle East Stockist for GE HYDRIL for the Middle East, Woodhouse maintains an extensive inventory of complete brand new API monogrammed Annulart BOPs as well as drill stem valves
& massive inventory of original spare parts. Rubber goods are stored at Woodhouse’s own air conditioned cold room facilities, and are sold based on ‘first in-first out’ principle in accordance with manufacturers recommended practice.