We at Fleetguard are completely dedicated towards our mission of providing the best solution to every customer, OEM, OEM suppliers and Aftermarket. Our core expertise includes faster tooling and product development, adaptability and customization to serve variety of product applications in sheet metal, rubber, plastics, electronics etc. Our products are the outcome of our extensive design – development process and quality management system with the help of dedicated teams, labs and testing set ups. We adopt thoughtfully formulated strategies of investment in our product design, material and equipment selection, supply chain management, manufacturing, testing, process control and employee training processes.


In 1997 Fleetguard Tools and Components Pvt. Ltd. was established to serve filtration industry with its tooling and manufacturing set ups in Pune. In 1998, CUMMINS FILTRATION Polymers Pvt. Ltd. was established as a manufacturer of rubber and plastic products for the filtration industry.In 2009, Filtrum Autocomp Pvt. Ltd was set up to cater to leading Filtration companies, and also as a distribution channel for the Indian auto-spares after market.Collectively, they form the Filtrum Group, where each entity provides a unique filtration solution.