GUMMI® based in Houston, is a major manufacturer Clutch Assemblies to the drilling industry, plus Pneumatic clutches & brakes. Gummi produces six styles of couplings, including flexible, gear and hydraulic types, six drum clutch/brake configurations in both constricting and expanding types, non- asbestos friction material for a wide variety of oil & gas applications, and various sizes and styles of rotary unions and quick release valves. The Gummi type FK element is well suited as a clutch or brake in a wide variety of high-speed, low to medium torque applications where high heat generation is not a factor. The type FK elements are available in 18 sizes, in single, dual, and split configurations.

In addition to genuine Gummi products, they also manufacture assemblies and replacement and component parts that are 100% interchangeable and designed to fit Eaton Airflex® style CB, VC, CM, EB, ER, units and National Oilwell® style Dy-aflex units.

Woodhouse maintains an inventory of Gummi clutches in standard sizes at our facility in Jebel Ali (Dubai).