Ador Welding Ltd. (formerly Advani-Oerlikon Limited), India’s pioneer-leader in the welding industry has been a major supplier of a variety of welding consumables, equipment and systems for over half a century. The company has an impressive track record as a solutions provider to the welding fraternity and for innovation of new consumables and equipment for specific applications.


As a pioneer leader in the welding industry, Ador Welding Limited (AWL) has played a significant part in the country’s industrialization and infrastructure development. The company has progressively extended its welding knowledge and expertise to cover many high-end specializations and cater to a sophisticated range of user needs in India and in overseas markets.AWL is a total solution provider offering an up to date suite of welding and cutting consumables, power sources and accessories besides a full package of soft skills and knowledge development for welding and fabrication excellence.