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Well Integrity Services

Well Integrity Services

Well Integrity Services is comprehensive service offered to clients that provides a full life cycle of your wells. We breakdown the service into several segment:

• CONSULTATION SERVICES: This service is intended to provide solution of any well integrity related issues, either be during well construction, well operation, down to abandonment. We can provide an independent recommendation to client.

• ANALYSIS SERVICES: We can provide a quantitative and qualitative analysis of any well integrity related issues that client is facing. This service will be powerful if it is combined with consultation service as it could give a stream-line of recommendation as we verify all data to execute an informed decision.


• REPAIR SERVICES: To be able to be a full stream service, repair service is important to close the loop of well integrity related issues. A restoration program, execution and evaluation can be offered to client so the well can generate value as it should be.

• WELL INTEGRITY REVIEW: We help you review the current wells in your field from the well integrity point of view, we also will give you the recommendations on how to ensure that the well integrity of your wells are always in good condition. This review will also include the wells that are now still under Design phase.